Today I joined the ranks of folks who have injured themselves riding (or in my case falling off – ) a Lime scooter. My own fault, took a corner too fast and slid out of control. Now I have a skinned knee and wrist.

a small contribution to reducing waste

Fern (lying down), stole Bear’s ball and he politely asked for it back by prodding her with his paw.

Just a link to a recent post on my blog to see if I’ve got webmentions working

I just noticed that I am wearing my watch which has a flat battery. I put it on my desk last night knowing that the battery is flat and I wouldn’t want to wear it today, so am puzzled as to how I managed to put it on and wear it for three hours this morning without even noticing. Some habits just happen without thinking!

Really happy to have completed the first day of my Chaplaincy training. This is just the very start of the course but has me excited to learn more and get into the internship component.

After some fiddling with DNS settings and such I now have my new domain ( pointing to my site and for good measure changed my theme to ‘Arabica’, which I really like.

Taking small steps towards getting back into regular blogging. I haven’t written anything on the web since March – in many ways a needed break but I do miss getting thoughts into writing and somehow it makes a difference to know someone might read them.

After a year-long hiatus, I’m back on and it’s good to see the community is thriving.

Reading about global warming while sweltering in Wanaka, quite appropriate.